Canal Holiday

I ventured on a first of a lifetime Canal Holiday towards the end of April 2013. If you want a relaxing break at a slow pace then what could be better. Travelling the canals at around walking pace isn't too strenuous, however, you will not travel vast distances!
The holiday started from Kate Boats in Warwick. After an introduction to the narrow boat explaining how everything works you can set off, and what great fun it is when you stop for your first lock. All the locks we encountered were manually operated, and with me at the helm meant my girlfriend Sarah-Louise had to do all the hard work. Have a look at the gallery and you'll see what I mean!
Leaving Warwick you quickly cruise through Leamington Spa and after a few hours and a few locks we moored in Stanton where we stayed a couple of days. After the first night we walked our dog Frosty for a few hours and stumbled on a lovely Pub & Restaurant in Long Itchington named The Buck & Bell. What a great find, good beer, great food and a very welcoming atmosphere.
This was just the start of the holiday and after a few more days the vacation was very prematurely over, but well worth doing for anyone who has a little sense of adventure.